Talk About Design

Any couple or family should talk about interior design prior to making simple or major design decisions for the home.

It’s rare that everyone involved is as passionate about every aspect of the design direction but all voices need to be heard.  A couple or family has individual needs that should be addressed prior to the design process.

From do it yourself projects like painting or furniture arrangement to hiring a designer, contractor or architect to completely design your home, all parties should be involved so the design addresses everyone’s needs.

Things that need to be agreed on include, space planning, storage, budget, schedule, design style, life or living style, entertainment needs,  big ticket items,  appliances, fixtures, kitchen or bath remodels, lighting, furniture purchases, where you will live during a major remodel or addition, length of time in the home or rental, and even where the dog will sleep.

Living through a remodel can be hell. Living in a well designed home can be effortless when all design needs are addressed in advance.

The design directors of INSTUDIO encourage you to talk about design to make your house a home.