Country Refreshed

The artists and interior design team at INSTUDIO like to “Restyle” spaces as they blend their artistic and design talents to breathe new life into rooms.  Creative reuse is the key to restyle. Rooms can be revised, refreshed and reinvigorated with the things that you know and love. Restyle is good for the environment because it refreshes rooms without the need of remodeling or purchasing all new furnishings.

A client with a country house in Glen Ellen, California grew tired of her interior surroundings and asked Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder to update her home using her existing furniture and art. The team reviewed with the client how she used her rooms. A walkthrough of all of the rooms and a look at furniture that was in storage on the property provided an inventory of what could be used to develop a new look. The key to a successful restyle uses the basic principles interior design.

UTILITY: The furniture plan addresses how you use the room and how you move through rooms.

PROPORTION: The relative scale of the elements in the room including a mix of size, color, texture and finish.

BALANCE: The visual and physical weight of the elements within the room.

RHYTHM: The eye should be able to move through a room and find a harmony within the space.

STYLE: Develop a personal style to make your home unique, transcending trends to make you feel at home.

The INSTUDIO team says that original art and collections is a great way to start to develop a personal style. Lewis and Kladder encourage clients to make visits to local open artist studios to begin a personal art collection that can be the foundation of your design style.  Inherited furniture, flea Markets, thrift stores, furniture consignment shops, vintage, retro and antique or local neighborhood shops that feature art, crafts and furnishings can also help to develop your personal style.

The Glen Ellen “Restyle” utilized furniture from various rooms to enhance the use and visual appeal of the entire house. In the living room a pair of black lacquered side tables with shelves was used as cocktail tables. The shelves provide a natural place for books, magazines and remote controls.  A large master suite was given a comfy little seating area with a sofa from storage and a tray table borrowed from the living room. The breakfast table was placed near a sun filled view along with three odd but interesting chairs for a casual country mood. The formal dining table was angled to add interest to the room and align with a corner fireplace. Bedrooms received new furniture and art arrangements. Changing how the beds were made and switching pillows, art and lamps from room to room gave the bedrooms new appeal.

Within four hours the country home was “Restyled”.  The homeowner was pleased with the new look that used things she knew and loved. She said that even the housekeeper loved the changes.

Let INSTUDIO “Restyle” your space.