Balance with Colors, Shapes & Textures

The relevance of interior design is first experienced through the furniture plan. The thoughtful placement of furniture reflects activities and how a room is used. Other layers of design include proportion, rhythm, style and balance.

When we are comfortable being entertained as a guest there is an ease and pleasure that is felt throughout a well designed room. The physical comfort is enhanced by visual balance.

Designers place items in a room as second nature based on visual clues.  The certain “rightness” we feel is all about proportion, balance and repetition.  A well designed room is concerned less about style and more about balance.

Shapes, colors and textures that are repeated throughout a room in various forms create visual balance. Golden colored wood furniture balanced by the natural color of candle wax. A soft gray wool throw balanced by a soft gray wall color.  Dark brown wood floors balanced by dark brown accessories. Black and white art photographs and sculpture balanced by black or white accessories.  These are all examples of visual balance that enhance our comfort subliminally.

Good Interior design is not magic but includes essential elements like visual balance.

Get balanced! the art of design the business of living