Shanju is a San Francisco artist and craftswoman. Her exhibit and display of jewelry, crafts and art at the Bayview Opera House has the feeling of an African marketplace. Layers of colors and textures are artistically arranged in a way that draws you in for a closer look.

Her jewelry creations are not for the timid.  She brings bling to a new level with hand crafted earrings, some in pairs and some in her signature single earring style.  The large and chandelier styles are well suited for artists and the fashion forward. Beaded necklaces include African beads, as well as strands that are infused with a unique combination of color and textures.

As a craftswoman Shanju draws on the African American tradition of folk art in doll making. Forget sweet plain little dolls. These dolls are decked out in wild prints; her interpretation of street fashion and big hairstyles. All of her dolls have lots of personality.

Shanju explores traditional African textiles in her own unique way by making her creations into wall art. Her paintings and textile pieces show the strong graphic sensibility found in African textiles and utilitarian objects.

The holidays are coming up: Wear or give something made by hand with unique style by Shanju.

Call to schedule an appointment to see her work 415  333.2884