Damask goes Modern in Black & White

Traditional damask is figured floral linen, silk or woolen material. The name was taken from Damascus, Syria where silk damask was made since the twelfth century. Patterns on damask are created as a self colored weave popular for upholstery, curtains and wall hangings from the Middle Ages. Damask patterns are an essential part of Italian, French, British and American classical design and decoration.

A damask pattern printed on cotton in black and white makes a striking graphic statement. The juxtaposition of a floral pattern with vintage modern or contemporary furnishings can add a fresh fashionable appeal to a room with a nod to the past.

Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder of INSTUDIO like to mix things up! They recently discovered the affordably priced soil and stain resistant “Florentina” pattern at the Pindler & Pindler fabric showroom at the San Francisco Design Center.

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