Interior Designers Listen for a Living

Miscommunication about interior design projects can cause rifts in the relationship between interior design clients and interior designers.  Designers have the obligation to listen to their clients’ needs and thoroughly understand them before planning and designing rooms or homes.

Listening is a two way street.  It’s important that communication on budget and style likes and dislikes are addressed.  The project objectives should be clear and understandable.  If there is uncertainty:  speak up and get clarity on the issue.  Be careful with your assumptions!  Miscommunication usually stems from both sides.

Lewis and Kladder have heard from clients about designers who would use the client’s keys to deliver items that they never asked for or approved.

The two have also had conversations with designers who did work for clients that insisted on a level of control of the project that prevented them from entertaining great design ideas. The client would pay for, but not receive the best that their designer had to offer.

The bottom line is that the clients’ home must be respected; it does not belong to the designer. Designers usually know what they are doing when they make suggestions that may seem odd to their clients but can enhance the overall design.

Both parties benefit with an open mind and open ears, so listen.

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