Looking for Color?

Look for color palettes in unexpected places. Colorists have a talent for setting trends with unique color combinations that stay in our memories and define decades.

To create a truly special combination of your own colors, take a closer look at things that you might otherwise ignore.  Roadside weeds, telephone poles, asphalt streets with “stop” painted on them, concrete sidewalks, manhole covers, tree bark and fresh weeds might give you the  following color scheme:  pale golden yellow, grayed brown, charcoal gray or black, pure bright white, yellow gray, bronze brown, taupe, black brown and grass green could make a sophisticated color palette for any room.

Any combination of the colors listed above can be realized as paints, floors, window treatments, wall coverings, textiles, furniture, lighting, art, patterns or accessories.

The design directors of INSTUDIO can see a special color palette illustrated in a time worn truck. Do you?  Let Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder develop your personal color scheme.

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