Teen’s Blue Bedroom Design Direction

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The following dialogue is between Design Director: Samuel Fleming Lewis and Client: Sharon who has teen age daughter that requested a dark blue bedroom.

Sharon: My 15-year-old daughter is in her first year of high school, so we are completely re-doing her room to reflect “older teens” (as opposed to tweeners–this room should last for at least her remaining 3.5 years of high school.)

She has chosen what I feel will be a garish blue for her medium-sized room, which has painted wood-plank walls.  She originally wanted a blue and brown room.

The bed we have chosen is a creamy white, upholstered headboard day bed; and she seems to gravitate in life towards minimalism.  She has also decided upon woven wood roman shades (mixture of light naturals with some black flecks); the shades are still negotiable.)

Can you recommend a Benjamin Moore blue that might satisfy her want for saturated blue, while accommodating creams and natural neutrals?

I want her to be absolutely happy with her room; but I feel that it is part of the whole house and we don’t want something that turns out “circus-like” or that is completely chaotic.  (In general, she has no interest in interior design or colors, therefore I’d appreciate some suggestions for palettes?

Thank you in advance!
Sharon (mom on the edge….)

Samuel: Hi Sharon
Blues are hard to choose and use, but deep blue and cream is a classic combination. If you go with dark walls match your trim color to the cream of the bed. Since deep blue is a bold statement use a lot of oversized cream accessories, lamps, table skirts or vases. Woven wood shades under natural canvas curtains will look great and give her the blue and brown combination in a classic modern way. Take a look at the following deep blues:
new york state of mind 805, california blue 2060-10, chicago blues 804

WEST ELM just came out with a fresh youthful blue and white bedding pattern that if you like you could match that blue (wood-block flower duvet and shams) Dark blue rooms need warm tones for balance use accessories, art , frames, textiles or painted furniture in golden yellows, deep oranges or lime greens to warm up the room.
I hope this helps.

Sharon: Thank you so much!  Now I’m headed in a direction 🙂
One more question: carpet color?  She wants the lower shag wall-to-wall carpeting–no pattern and neutral.  In which neutral direction would you go: yellow or golden neutral?  cream?  espresso (one of her favorite colors)?

You’re suggestions are a wonderful help!

Samuel: Hi Sharon, Samuel again,

I’m going to make a few suggestions without seeing your room.  You and your daughter can make the final choice. Go with a shag that is a little on the long side, it’s comfy and fun.

First, if you have hardwood throughout your house I would clean and wax or refinish the floors to match your existing wood floors then have a shag rug made with bound edges from your carpet source that exposes about 6″ of wood floor on all sides of the room. Any exposed natural wood color will add richness and warmth to the room and you can easily change it again later.

With dark walls you want to “ground” the floors in the room.  Cream will work fine for wall to wall but it won’t anchor the floor.  Yellow or a Golden Neutral may “jump” too much against the dark blue and espresso will make the room feel too heavy.

For wall to wall carpet I suggest looking at a neutral brown about the color of a brown paper bag or natural burlap.  This will anchor the room without adding another color and works well with all colors. I personally like the idea of a deep coral, but if you later change the room or paint color you are stuck with a color that you will have to work around unless you use it as a rug.

Your wise choices are Cream (If your daughter is neat), Paper Bag Brown or a neutral Burlap tone.

Be sure to take a large sample of your blue to the carpet store to see the colors together or borrow a large carpet sample to view in the room after you paint.

Sharon: Hello, Samuel!  Since my daughter has grown up drooling over other kids’ wall-to-wall (we have wood), she’s getting it.  And I have you to thank for the color choices–the brown paper bag or golden neutral should be beautiful for her.  We saw the shags yesterday at a store and she loved them.

My husband is bringing home primer + Chicago Blues today (all three of the blues you suggested really wowed this picky girl).

I think the bedding you suggested is beautiful for the room, too!

Not only have you brought this room together, you have settled our family squabbles!   A thousand “thank you’s” for being so good at what you do and for sharing it with us.