Wonderful Rooms of White

In the early1920’s legendary British interior designer Syrie Maugham rejected the small dark Victorian style rooms of her day.  She is credited for designing the first all-white room.  Although she developed other signature styles Maugham established her interior decorating business with all white rooms.

For her 1930’s Burlingame, CA apartment June Mejias decorated with white on white for a timeless quality that mixed old and new furnishings and accessories.

To make small rooms seem larger June likes to use a combination of mirrors, small lamps (in every room), glass and candles to add light, reflection and depth to her thoughtful arrangements. Colorless apartment walls act as neutral backdrops to white on white design schemes.

Interior design directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder of INSTUDIO are known to say “White on white is always right.” Any design or furniture style can be enhanced by using of a combination of whites as unifying elements.

Visit INSTUDIO on facebook to see an album of wonderful white room arrangements by June Mejias.