A Bowl of Apples & Interior Design

Interior design is an equal balance of art and science.

The art of design is as simple as being aware of a bowl of apples but…What color are the apples? How many apples fit in the bowl? What style, color or texture is the bowl? Where was the bowl made, is it hand crafted or mass produced? How does the material of the bowl look next to the apples? Is the bowl on a table? What is the style of the table? Do the proportions make a pleasing composition? Is there a window or lighting to enhance the bowl of apples with light and shadow? These are the things that one might notice through the eyes of an artist, stylist, photographer or interior designer. If we make ourselves aware of pleasing compositions in a room, a bowl of apples can be a true work of art & design. With visual awareness interior design is very affordable.

When done right, the science of a well designed space is never noticed. The space or furniture plan fits the use of a room. The furniture is comfortable and proportioned to both the room and its users. There is a certain sense of ease in the room. There is a juxtaposition and balance of proportion, color and texture. Lighting is easily adjustable. Window coverings filter direct light. The design makes sense with, and of, the interior architecture.  The style matches the personality of whoever commissioned the design. The design seems effort less, people look and feel good while using the room. The overall design is relatively affordable.

The art of design is developed by embracing your personal style. The science of design is developed by how we move through and use the spaces where we live or work. The use of the Design Directors of INSTUDIO allow interior design enthusiast to explore design as a developing process.  INSTUDIO tailors its design services from providing clients with a second pair of discerning eyes to a complete custom interior design. Start your design with a simple bowl of apples, if your style doesn’t come together with your plan contact INSTUDIO.

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