Chic Designer Toys for Adults

Why do kids get all the fun stuff to play with? Buckyballs are 216 powerful rare earth magnets that look like old fashioned ball chains. The powerful round mini magnets are shaped into a perfect square and packaged in a clear orange box. Start to pull on Buckyballs and they form a perfect strand that can be shaped into almost anything.

INSTUDIO interior Design Director Stephen Kladder purchased the toy for Samuel Fleming Lewis as a gift. Whenever Samuel picks them up he can’t stop playing with them. Rings, bracelets and necklaces were the first things he made. Then mini sculptures, flat sheets, pillows and pipes were made. Buckyballs are highly addictive fun. Hand them to a friend and watch their creativity blossom, the only problem is trying to get your Buckyballs back.

Magazines speak up!  “There’s no better desk toy” ESQUIRE, “Addictive” PEOPLE, “Much more satisfying than a stress ball” REAL SIMPLE,   “One thing they’re not good for, however, is getting your work done” WIRED, “Payment for addiction therapy not included” ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, “Toy of the year” ROLLING STONE.

Not only are Buckyballs fun, they are chic!  In addition to the standard steel finish Buckyballs are available plated in stylish designer finishes of real gold, silver and rare black nickel which will blend in any style of design and décor.

It’s time for some adult play, get Bucky!

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