Developing Room Color Palettes from Rugs & Carpets

When designing traditional rooms INSTUDIO interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder often start with a rug to develop a rich color palette.  Furniture finishes, paint colors, metal finishes, stone colors and textiles for drapery or upholstery can all be influenced by special color combinations found in rugs or Axminster style carpets.

From 1755, Axminster in Devon, England gave its name to a type of carpet that is now manufactured all over the world. The Axminster type power loom is capable of weaving high quality carpets with many varying colors and patterns in the “Turkish style”.

An Axminster style carpet from Stark Carpet at the San Francisco Design Center illustrates a range of deep blues, sage greens, golden yellows, creams and grays. These colors lightened, darkened or contrasted and used as furniture, fabrics, accessories, lighting or architectural details can create a beautiful traditional room.  A traditional style rug or carpet can also be used as a foundation to develop a refined color palette for a contemporary room.

Look at multicolored rugs and carpets for unusual color combinations. For high quality traditional or contemporary carpets visit

Interior Design Direction and color palettes by INSTUDIO

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