Does big hair mean big interior design?

Most of the time personal style matches interior design style. The lady with big hair will in some way have a big point of view on the way she lives. Big can be translated in many ways as an interior Design Direction, the bold use of color, the lack of color  in a monochromatic scheme, an eclectic style of furnishings, the use of only antiques or contemporary furnishings, themed rooms, big furnishings or spaces, lots of little details that make a big statement. Developing personal style is the foundation for feeling at home at home.

The more that you know about your personal taste and style, the more you will know about the visual aesthetic developed through interior design.  Tina Turner, for example, has big style, big hair and big vocals. Her personal style at her French Riviera residence is matched through interior design with rare large scale antiques. Her color palette throughout is one of creams and beiges which aligns with her calming Buddhist beliefs. Big style and a serene color palette come together to match her personal sense of luxury.

Although big hair doesn’t necessarily mean big design there are style indicators that can be seen in the way we present ourselves to the world. Interior design directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder of INSTUDIO suggest taking a good look at yourself before beginning a design project. If you like what you see, your personal design style may be developed by reflecting the choices that you make when selecting hair style, color, clothing, accessories or shoes.  Changing our clothes daily is easy. Bad interior design choices can be costly and take away valuable time from living.  Develop your design direction at INSTUDIO.

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