Doing Good While Preventing Furniture Rings

Beyond interior design, most of us are interested in other things like recycling, arts & crafts, unemployment, international style and protecting our good wood furniture from unsightly rings. All of our interest can come together with the use of coasters made from recycled tea bags. The earthy brown tea bags are enhanced by interesting motifs and designs in black and metallic gold, copper and silver. The resin covered coasters are created by unemployed South African women.

Designs are created from an everyday product, used tea bags. Artists apply their own ethnic designs onto the dried tea bags, which are then incorporated into a wide range of hand crafted home design products. These individual functional works of art will blend well in modern, contemporary, earthy or global interior design styles. The medium colored neutral wood tone looks good on light or dark wood furniture.

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO believe that the choices we make even when selecting the smallest items for the home can not only make a design statement but can do good internationally by allowing people to recycle, work and express themselves.

Original T-bag Designs:

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