Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder of INSTUDIO advise their clients on how to restyle their home or business spaces to make them stylish and relevant to their daily lives. People are spending less on furnishings or design. Restyling makes sense to those who like what they own but want to update their interiors. Restyle is the environmentally friendly low cost solution for new design.

Restyling services made Samuel and Stephen so busy that they neglected the efficiency of their own design studio. It became hard to find things, there were materials, finishes and binders that the designers hadn’t seen or used in years. The designers accessed the situation and purged their studio of all dated materials.

When considering clutter free affordable stylish storage solutions the INSTUDIO team turned to “The Packaging Store” in San Francisco for sturdy standard craft paper colored moving boxes that perfectly fit within the IKEA “Expedit” bookcases which contains the materials library. Heavy things on the bottom, light things on the top; the libraries storage boxes make an organized grid. The storage is neatly labeled and there is room for expansion.

Samuel’s personal style was developed in the space, he hand crafted a paper mache’ lantern constructed from recycled wire hangers and old architectural and art drawings on tracing paper or vellum.

INSTUDIO is retooled and ready to take on restyle, remodel or redesign projects.

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