Lessons in the Abstract Kladder

Interior design director Stephen Kladder of INSTUDIO is also an exhibiting painter. While developing new styles and techniques Kladder took a departure from figurative images to explore a series of abstract paintings.

The artist/designer is a natural colorist who takes risks with unexpected color combinations in works of art and also when designing interiors. His new abstract works explores color and mood, while subtly developing a sense of symbols floating within space that may carry meaning beyond the visual representation but leaves the viewer wondering what that may be.

Stephen loves geometry; he shapes space when planning furniture for interior design.  He explores light, depth and a furthering sense of space, as if the picture plane is actually a cube of space in his new paintings.

Abstract paintings are sometimes not taken seriously because we first react to color, movement and technique. Beyond the visual elements an artist usually buries hidden energy within the work of art. Stephens’ images can subtly cause the viewer to recall and ponder their interconnection with the world, this time, however, not so much the physical world but the inner world of archetypes and inner voices.