Treasures from Travels

When you travel by car for a thirty minute commute, to another state to visit family and friends, or internationally for business or pleasure, take advantage of the opportunity to visit local boutiques, vintage shops, thrift stores, consignment boutiques, galleries, artist studios, garage sales and flea markets to find choice art and accessories.

A whole new world of unseen items can be found when you broaden your search to include locales other than your home town. The thrill of discovery far surpasses internet surfing. Imagine visiting quirky local shops or artist studios in suburbs, small towns or foreign countries.  The true condition and detail of art or accessories are revealed when you can see and touch your finds.

A pair of African inspired ceramic figurines with a bronze colored glaze was discovered in a huge consignment shop in Traverse City, Michigan. INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder have returned with a bounty of treasures that were found while travelling. Cowhide rugs from Argentina, ceramic glove forms from Grand Rapids,  Michigan, marble cubes from Carrara, Italy, vivid graphic textiles from Togo, Africa, vintage design books and lamps from Monterey, California and art from a Chicago, Illinois street fair.

Small items can be packed into your luggage. When you shop for accessories and art during your travels you come home with memories from far and near.

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