Using Amber Glass is a Gas, Baby Can You Dig It?

Retro/vintage, contemporary or modern interior design and décor can get sunny rays of golden warmth with the use of amber colored glass accessories. Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder of INSTUDIO like the oversize wine glass and brandy snifter shapes that can be filled with leaves or flowers or simply used empty to display their interesting forms.

Amber glass vessels were internationally popular in the 1960’s & 1970’s.  Colors range from pale golden yellows to golden brown tones. Depending on where you shop, prices of these collectible accent pieces can be affordable at a thrift store or expensive in a retro/vintage boutique.

Mix accessories that are decades old with classic vintage modern furniture by Knoll or Herman Miller or add a twist to contemporary furnishings by using amber glass to give rooms an unexpected eclectic look. This is how interior designers and stylists develop individual personality to rooms. Novel accessories add the finishing touch to the design & decor of any room. Using accessories are like adding the right belt, shoes, or jewelry to an otherwise plain and uninspired outfit.

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