VIRACOCHA antiques, assorted rarities & art

Individual shops in any city’s neighborhoods offer uncommon goods that are usually personally selected by the shopkeeper and reflect their personal style and taste. A mixture of items that are locally made, crafted or hard to find, are displayed in shops that are as unique as their owners. This makes the joy of finding interesting items for the home an adventure that allows you to personalize your interior design.

The interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO stumbled upon one year old  VIRACOCHA on San Francisco’s Valencia Street and fell in love with unique furniture, accessories, lighting, machines, finds from nature, books, architectural fragments, wearable goods and art. Walls paneled in recycled wood and vintage music playing on record albums enhanced the feeling that you had journeyed into the past. Shopkeeper Jonathan Siegel creates an experience in shopping that is hard to describe in place and time.

No matter your personal style there is something special culled from a past life that can add ambience to your space. For example, a big lamp constructed from a time worn galvanized milk can could be the perfect counterpoint to a contemporary room or the ideal lighting for a country home. VIRACOCHA gives you the one of-a-kind furniture or accessory; your imagination gives the item a space. To furnish or accessorize your rooms try unusual sources to make the design your own. Local shops deliver the goods.

VIRACOCHA, 998 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA (415) 374-7048

Hours: Wed-Fri 12 pm – 6 pm Sat-Sun 12 pm – 7 pm

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