Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who Recycles Best of All?

Recycling centers across the country offer low cost materials to artists, crafters, and creative decorators. All of the interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO not only offer design services but produce art & craft projects when not developing design for clients at the office/studio.

While visiting the architectural material recycling center Building Resources in San Francisco, Samuel Fleming Lewis happened onto a barrel of small fragmented mirror glass which piqued his interest in what could be made from the ample supply. Less expensive than tumbled thick mirror glass that lost silver backing in the process, Samuel bought several pounds of sharp edged “bad luck” for fifty cents a pound.

The artist & designer channeled thoughts of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi and his famous Guell Park near Barcelona, Spain for inspiration. The walls and floors of the park are covered in broken shiny ceramic tile assembled as a beautiful fractured continuous finished surface. On a three foot round recycled plywood base Samuel applied the fragments to the top and sides like a puzzle using left over sealer, adhesive and grout for what he called his the first of his “Full Moon Mirrors”.  Sharp edges were ground down when the mirror was completed.

Mirrors need not be a truly smooth reflective surface to be effective as a decorative object in a room. Reflective light from any type of mirror adds life to a room.  Samuel later crafted smaller mirrors in several sizes. The “Full Moon” mirror collection is available through INSTUDIO, they are recycled best of all!

Make your own? http://www.buildingresources.org

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