Colors Inspired by Palm Springs, California

Interior Design Directors Samuel Fleming Lewis & Stephen Kladder were asked to select a new paint color palette for the exterior of a mid-century condominium complex in Palm Springs, California. A new creamy white was selected to retain the cool mid-century vibe for all of the buildings. The surrounding purple/mauve tones of the mountains, beige desert sand, deep red browns of fresh palm tree bark and golden yellow from cactus flowers became accent colors to connect the buildings with nature.

Architectural colors that connect with nature give buildings a natural sense of place. Interior color selections that are inspired by nature make a home seem expansive by bringing the outside in.  This makes sense in California where the climate allows for an ease of indoor/outdoor living almost year round.

When selecting color from nature, observe all of the colors that each element provides. A cacti plant isn’t just solid green, a range of blue greens, yellow greens, terracotta tones, deep burgundy reds, beige browns and deep browns can all be seen on a hearty plant that thrives in the desert. Desert sand can range from yellow whites, golden tans to taupe grays.

Let nature be your guide when selecting colors for indoors or outdoors.   Natural color combinations need not be tame when you look at the nuanced colors that the earth provides wherever you live.

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