Get on the Ball with Decorative Accessories

Round shapes enhance interior design as timeless reusable accessories. Orbs, spheres, globes or balls are available in a wide range of finishes and materials suitable for any style of design and décor. Glass, wood, rope, metal, stone, raffia, ceramic, plastic, moss and even sports balls gathered in a vessel makes an interesting display that adds soft lines to a room. Orbs in different combinations of sizes, colors and textures make an artistic statement.

In a dining room replace the usual bowl of fruit with a bowl of wooden or gold leaf spheres. A bowl of croquet, golf or baseballs are great in a family room, den or man cave. A formal library gains a distinctive air with balls made of global exotic stones. Orbs in string rope or raffia look casual at the beach or country house. Stainless steel balls blend well in contemporary or mid-century décor.

Orbs are some of the favorite accessories used by the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.  The selection of Orbs, Spheres, Globes and Balls on display at Big Daddy’s Antiques in San Francisco shows how to really get on the ball with accessories.

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