Kuba Textiles as Natural Contemporary Art

Imagine having a fashionable wardrobe of special clothing that is handmade from natural fibers, each piece being artistically interesting, contemporary and detailed.  An interesting wardrobe embellished with bold and graphic patterns. Wouldn’t you be tempted to proudly display your clothing on the wall as art?

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO like to think globally when selecting art to complement interior design. Modern and contemporary artists have long been influenced by the minimal shapes and clean lined details of African masks, textiles and ceremonial artifacts. Traditional Kuba dance skirt textiles of embroidered raffia cloth from the Democratic Republic of Congo can be used in place of contemporary art.

Kuba cloth is woven from raffia palm leaves. Natural dyes from local plant sources create colors of brown, wine-red, black, blue or yellow.  Women’s skirts are up to nine yards in length, men’s dancing skirts are significantly longer. Kuba textiles are known for their high contrast abstract patterning. A length of Kuba textiles can make a striking design statement in modern, contemporary or global design and décor styles. Clothe your walls in African style with Kuba textiles, available through African vendors, global textile shops and websites.

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