Make Room for Homeless Furniture

Interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis was taking a shortcut to INSTUDIO in his pick-up truck through an industrial section of San Francisco.  At stop sign Samuel spotted a graceful pair of chairs on a street corner gathering rain. In big cities it’s not unusual to find perfectly good furniture abandoned. After driving four blocks towards his destination Samuel turned his truck around to take a photograph of the homeless chairs with the intention of writing an article on the reuse, re-purpose, recycling and restoration of furniture.

A quick inspection revealed sturdy chairs made in North Carolina by Century Furniture Company probably in the 1970’s. The chairs were a blend of traditional American or English styles with a little dash of contemporary and Chinese details. Overall the chairs were well proportioned which is a key factor when selecting new, used or homeless furniture. The chairs soon accompanied Samuel to INSTUDIO.

While driving, visions of the chairs with newly refinished wood or a colorful lacquered finish and new upholstery filled Samuel’s head. Since homeless furniture is free the amount spent on refinishing or re-upholstery is often less than buying a new piece of furniture. The restoration of homeless furniture gives work to local small business and creates a winning situation that keeps good furniture out of landfills and saves trees.

The design directors of INSTUDIO have been working on a plan to share their love of design with those in need. They would like to partner with local furniture makers, refinishers, artists, craftspeople, upholstery shops, fabric mills and local storage facilities to revive homeless furniture. All proceeds from the sale of homeless furniture will be donated homeless shelters. Formally homeless people can be gifted with a piece of furniture that has also been given a new life. If you would like to join us in this cause contact:

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