Something Old, Something New, Something…

The list of four items that brides traditionally have with them for luck on their wedding day can be slightly adjusted to give them luck when decorating their first home. Here’s the formula that the interior design directors of INSTUDIO suggest to bring harmony to your first place.


Items from either or both partners past like an old piece of furniture, an antique or accessory from the in-laws, a treasured work of art or photograph, a keepsake, an item that was hand made by past generations, something to remind the couple of their childhood that can easily become a family heirloom in the future. Ask for what you want from the family so you are sure to have an item that both of you love rather than have the “something old” selected for you.  Old things bring character to either contemporary or traditional design styles.


In addition to new and needed things that the couple selects as gifts prior to the wedding sooner or later a married couple will need to purchase a new piece of furniture together. Make sure that the new piece reflects both of your personal styles and tastes. The new piece is a part of your new life together. The item should be the first thing that you agree on and the first of many decisions you will have to make together.


Borrow a few ideas from other places that can give your new home a unique design identity. Look at magazines, interior design web sites, design books, art or design motifs from different cultures, items from catalogs, travel souvenirs, great ideas from friends or family that fit both of your personal styles, even trends. A little of the unexpected adds interest to any room.


Pick a color, any color that both of you love. Use the color in various shades or tints as solids or patterns or textures in large or small doses throughout a room. This method of repeating a color in different forms will add life to a room and will please the eye.

With Something Old, Something New, Style that’s Borrowed, Something with Hue.

You will not only be lucky in love but you will love your rooms with style that you’ve developed together. If you can’t make your rooms come together on your own luckily there’s INSTUDIO  the art of design the business of living.

Newlywed Kim said, “I got married last summer and my husband and I moved into his place because it was bigger than my condo.  Trying to combine two condos into one and make it feel fresh and feel like home to both of us was going to be difficult….. Steve and Samuel where in Chicago last July, and when we were on our honeymoon  they came up with a new floor plan and rearranged all of our current furniture and artwork beautifully. They also left some detailed notes on what we could add furniture-wise and what colors may work in our space.

We were so excited to come home to see the changes , and  it  felt like we were coming home to our home not just my husband ‘ s old home.  Having the new floor plan made it so much easier for us to add the finishing touches, which is a work in progress and is coming together nicely. Steve and Samuel really know what they are doing.  They were fantastic to work with and had no problem providing a few phone consultations. I can’t wait for them to visit Chicago again so they can see what else I did per their advice.   I would recommend them highly and will use them again.”