A Recycled Paper Lantern

When INSTUDIO design directors Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder moved into their 1500 17th Street design studio in San Francisco about a year and a half ago, the designers were hands on in every do-it-yourself design process.  They painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, installed Tandus modular carpet and outfitted the walls with IKEA Expedit bookcases. Samuel wanted to replace the traditional pedant light fixture but never got around to changing the easily ignored ceiling light fixture.

With the recent restyle and organization of INSTUDIO, Samuel wanted to find a lighting solution that would bring attention to the studio’s high ceilings and evenly diffuse the light. He wanted a simple large scale Chinese paper lantern but could not readily find one.

Being both an artist and interior designer can be a blessing.  Samuel searched all of his closets and found 15 wire clothes hangers. He crafted two wire rings from three heavy wire hangers and used the full length of the thinner hangers as an armature between the rings.

Shaping and reshaping until the desired shape was attained. Samuel collected art and architectural drawings on vellum and tracing paper. The paper was painted with a solution of “Elmer’s” white glue and water and applied to the armature. Using a hairdryer on the lantern made it dry quickly. Matte artist medium was used to unify the surface. In about six hours the lantern was complete; it was installed the following morning.  In less than an hour Samuel received a commission to make one for a person passing by.

INSTUDIO encourages recycling and creativity for interior design solutions. instudio-sf.com