Being at Home with Planning your Kitchen

Kitchens have come full circle from being the center & hearth of the home for cooking, eating & gathering, to clean efficient hidden away spaces used only for cooking, to again being the center of gatherings in open plan kitchens.

What makes a good kitchen? The obvious answer based on today’s trends would be stainless steel or commercial style appliances, composite stone or granite counter tops, faucets that operate by touch, a large island, pot fillers over the range, soft close doors and drawers, a commercial ventilation hood or a microwave/vent hood combination & a variety of features to make cooking easy.

What really makes a good kitchen is a great cook & a great plan. No matter the physical appearance & size of the kitchen a culinary master can create magic. The classic kitchen plan triangle of sink, refrigerator & range along with ample counter top surfaces for larger kitchens or a small efficient galley style kitchen with well placed appliances & counter tops can serve a great chef well. A well planned kitchen can be easily revived by replacing or restyling cabinet doors & drawer fronts, replacing counter tops or adding new appliances. A poorly planned or extremely dated kitchen usually requires a new plan, cabinets, counter tops & appliances.

Keep the following in mind when planning a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one. Finishes & appliances should complement other parts of the home. The more storage the better, take cabinets up to the ceiling. Allow for as much counter top space as possible. Match the features to your personal culinary style don’t buy all the bells & whistles if you don’t intend to use them unless the value of the house requires doing so.

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