Furnishings Follow Fashion in 60’s & 70’s Interiors

The 1960’s & 1970’s brought a revolution in fashion that inspired the young generation of the day to “Do their thing”. The buttoned down look of the 1950’s was replaced by a sense of self expression with Jumpsuits, Edwardian Collars, Medallions, Midi & Maxi Skirt Lengths, Tie Dye T-Shirts, Safari Jackets, Bell Bottom Pants, Turtleneck Shirts Replacing Ties, Platform Shoes, Mood Rings, Hip Hugger Pants, Earth Shoes, Granny Glasses & Nehru Jackets. The best of these fashion ideas have been recycled in things we wear today.

Interiors of the 1960’s & 1970’s also reflected a casual “Do their thing” attitude with general use of bold colors and graphic prints.  Shag carpeting or shiny vinyl was found on floors.  Walls were covered in flocked, grass cloth or wild pattern wallpapers. Lighting used simple forms in vivid colors or chrome, glass & stone. We sat on organic shaped or new modular & shelter sofas. We used beanbag, plastic and inflatable chairs. Our case pieces & tables were in glossy lacquers, geometric or futuristic shapes.  Chrome, glass, plastics & plexiglass became common design materials.

Conservative interiors utilized basic color combinations of black, white, gray, taupe & brown with bright accent colors. Rooms were furnished with modernist classic furniture from Knoll or Herman Miller. The best of these furnishings are now valuable classics that we continue to use in design & decoration today.  If your personal style includes vintage modern, retro or mid century furnishings INSTUDIO interior Design Directors can develop a design plan to bring out the best in your collection. Make your rooms come together with a nod to the past & the vision of the future.

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