Found Objects Used & Needing Transformation

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO consider art, craft & design as an essential to daily living. Wherever you are in the world you are in some way touched by design. From an object as simple as a drinking vessel to capture water from a spring to a grand fountain in the heart of a city that provides a sense of place through artistic design and the spiritual renewal of the sound of water.

Things that we make, buy or inherit that enhance our lives are often given away, thrown out as trash or simply left on the street found in a state of disrepair. Artists, craftsmen and designers have a unique way of seeing treasure in trash. In the hands of creative people nothing is wasted. A visual metamorphosis gives a second life to found objects.

INSTUDIO is in the business of transformation of lives through interior design. Our vendors provide the crafts and labor of renewal for furniture, accessories & lighting. Designer showrooms provide the materials to enhance home furnishings. Our artist friends have the vision to see potential in found objects. INSTUDIO will creatively match found objects with artists, craftsmen and designers to keep home furnishings out of landfills.

Funds raised from selling FOUNT objects will be donated to local charitable organizations. Those in need can select a restored piece of furniture from FOUNT free of charge.  If we come together with a wellspring of talent plus a little bit of our time Found Objects Used & Needing Transformation does good work by design.

FOUNT  1. a spring of water; fountain.  2. a source or origin.

INSTUDIO  the art of design the business of living