Interior Decorating & Design Starts With a Plan

The interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO use the phrase “It starts with a plan” as an all inclusive directive for design services that change lives through design. An overall plan comes into play for any budget or design direction from restyling a room, redecorating, remodeling one room or designing completely custom home interiors.

Restyle of a room involves moving existing furniture, art & access for a new relevant arrangement.  An inventory of furnishings along with an analysis of how a room is used starts with a plan.  The pleasing composition of a restyled room is the art of design.

Decorating a room involves revisions to paint colors, wallpaper and applied finishes, an update of flooring materials, built-in cabinet finishes or replacing time worn surfaces and lighting.  Textiles used for upholstery and window treatments must be coordinated. Furniture may be reused, refinished, restyled or replaced based on a new furniture plan.

When remodeling a room or home every single surface from floor to ceiling must be addressed. Built in architectural features, cabinets, hardware, lighting, plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, appliances, etcetera, must be carefully considered. A furniture plan should be in place prior to construction for the new room to be functional.

INSTUDIO is unique because the Designers Directors tailor their services to the exact needs of their clients. With over forty years of experience in decorating and designing both residential and business interiors the team feels that no job is too small or too large. It starts with a plan.

INSTUDIO the art of design the business of living