Plan with Design & Decoration in Mind

“It starts with a plan” is the mantra of the Design Directors of INSTUDIO. The plan is the road map for overall interior design direction. If you don’t know where you are going how will you ever get there?

Start with a furniture plan. Even people who don’t intend to design a room create a furniture plan without knowing it. The furniture plan has been developed by default by placing existing furniture in a room based on the locations of doors, windows, natural traffic patterns, electrical/cable outlets, televisions/electronics, a fireplace or views. This is an efficient way to furnish a room but can have little relevance to how you actually want to live.

Personal style is reflected by what goes into the room.  A visual composition of proportions, finishes, colors & textures enlivens a room & makes the elements come together. Start with the floors and work your way up. Choose wall to wall carpet, tile, hardwood, contemporary shag, an antique rug depending on your style. Walls & windows surround the room, choose paint colors or wall coverings & window treatments to support your design direction, this creates the envelope. Furnish the room using your furniture plan. (A Louis XVI settee takes the same amount floor space as a contemporary or early American counterpart, same plan different style.) Lighting, storage, accessories & art completes the design of a room.

Great design is influenced by personal style. Planning allows interior design & decoration to balance the quality of life. It starts with a plan.

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