Restyle with Painted Stripes

A 1960’s Palm Springs condominium guest bath had seen several updates over five decades time. The only original feature intact was the pale coral/pink tile with thin purple/brown accent stripes. Over the years a gold tone shower enclosure, gold towel bar back plates, pink & white floor tile, white & gold flecked laminate and textured wallpaper had been added. The wallpaper was in good condition. The homeowner wanted to revive it with a fresh coat of paint to refresh the bathroom.

Samuel of INSTUDIO suggested a paint color similar to the color of natural craft paper. The bathroom was repainted but the new color made the wallpaper look dull and dated. The dated wallpaper was removed. The entire bathroom was painted the craft paper brown color as a base color.

The new design plan required pulling various elements of the bathroom together to create a fresh new space. The givens were the wall and floor tile colors, white counter top, tub, toilet and sink. The craft paper brown paint color was accented with a palette of pale coral/pink, purple brown and silvery white.

Two walls would be painted in random stripes using the new color palette. Wide stripes of coral/pink, thin purple brown stripes and medium sized stripes of craft paper brown or silvery white. As an artist Samuel painted the stripes himself, delineating the stripes with a level and “ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces” he got the “Super Sharp Paint Lines with Edge-Lock Protector” as advertised. The tape is Samuel’s new best friend. Stripes were painted using 2” mini rollers that are pre-packaged with their own little tray for about $2.00 each at Home Depot.

The repetition of existing colors along with two new accent colors gave the guest bath a youthful fresh appeal.  The vacation homeowner was thrilled and promptly purchased new towels and accessories to complement the new décor. When remodeling is not an option restyle with new paint, hardware and accessories.

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