The Inside & Outside of Upholstered Furniture

When we find someone attractive the underlying element of good bone structure comes into play.  The things inside the body are pretty much all the same no matter the height, proportion, color or finish. If we like ourselves in general we are comfortable in our own skin.

When we find an upholstered chair, sofa or ottoman attractive the wood frame serves as the bone structure that makes the outside attractive. What’s inside can be vastly different. Two sofas that look exactly the same on the outside may be quite different on the inside. Seat height & depth, arm height, back pitch, are never standard due to style. These details affect comfort levels depending on your size.

A frame may be constructed with hardwood for the luxury sofa or softwood for an affordable sofa. Eight way hand tied springs will be inside a high quality sofa while sparse sinuous springs may be inside an inexpensive copy. The list of what’s inside continues with such options as foam, cotton, synthetic fill, goose down or a mixture of both. On the outside, finishes, details and tailoring of the cover make a sofa or chair attractive. The outside cover can be refined or tailored like a couture gown or custom made suit, or ill fitted to an overstuffed form.

For new custom upholstery, repair of internal fill flaws, restyle of upholstery details, renewal of modernist classics, period antiques and custom pillows, the Design Directors of INSTUDIO have relied on the quality craftsmanship and fine tailoring offered by Roberto Barahona Company.  Roberto knows his stuff inside and out; his “can do” attitude, construction knowledge, flawless details and superior sewing skills never fails to impress.

Roberto Barahona Company donated the time and talent of his workshop by remaking two dining chairs seats that were found on the street by the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.

The “Tally Ho” chairs will be part of the St. Vincent de Paul Society auction event DISCARDED to DIVINE.

Preview Night: April 15, 2011 de Young Museum  –  Golden Gate Park San Francisco, CA

Live & Silent Auctions: April 28, 2011 The Hall at St Mary’s Cathedral 1111 Gough Street,  San Francisco, CA                            information & tickets

Roberto Barahona Co. 430 N Canal St. Suite 8 S San Francisco, CA 94080  (650) 873-1692

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