Transformation by Design

INSTUDIO has the vision and creativity to change lives through planning & interior design.  Several weeks ago, upon finding a pair of chairs on the street, the Design Directors began to develop a plan for re-purposing old furniture; one that would combine their love of design while helping those in need. Being both artists and interior designers they wanted to share their talents in a unique way.  INSTUDIO expressed a desire to partner with local furniture makers, refinishers, artists, craftspeople, upholstery shops, fabric mills and local storage facilities to revive homeless furniture to do good through their love of art and design.

The intent to transform lives was soon realized when Design Director Lynne Gillan proposed the idea of refurbishing these once homeless chairs for St. Vincent de Paul Society’s annual fundraiser, “Discarded to Divine.” The event’s auction includes donated items that are transformed into one-of-a-kind fashions and home décor designs to benefit those working to overcome poverty, homelessness and domestic violence.  Redesigned items were to be submitted by January but it was late March when INSTUDIO found the chairs. The Society agreed to accept the contribution if they could be completed within one week.

The Design Directors called on some of the Bay Area’s finest antique refinishers and upholsterers on a Friday afternoon,  by the following Monday, two homeless chair frames and seats were delivered. Rossi Antiques and Roberto Barahona Upholstery Company donated their time and talent to begin a seven day transformation. The chairs received a metamorphosis, completed by creative people coming together sharing their craft to serve those in need.

INSTUDIO developed the acronym FOUNT for their wellspring of treasures to be redesigned for the good of humankind.

FOUNT 1. a spring of water; fountain.  2. a source or origin.

FOUNT  Found  Objects Used & Needing Transformation

DISCARDED to DIVINE April 28, 2011 The Hall at St Mary’s Cathedral 1111 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA  information & tickets

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