The interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO are both exhibiting visual artists and interior design specialist. Creating art alone in a studio environment can be an isolating experience. Sometimes professional artists take classes to develop techniques, themes, theories & ideas with like minded creative individuals. Artist/designer Stephen Kladder recently completed a course on developing works in a series at UC Berkeley Extension.  Stephen’s landscapes and spiritual abstract paintings will be exhibited along with series developed by eleven artists who work in their media of choice.

Art, design & fashion are closely related and mirrors how we view the world around us at any given time. Collecting original works of art is a path to cultivating a personal interior design style. Art can either begin the development of design direction for a room or make a room come together once it has been designed. There is no better way to reflect your taste than through the use of art.

INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors suggest visiting art school exhibits, open studios, studios of artistic friends as well as new and established galleries to keep artists and artistic venues alive and evolving.

The exhibit WORKING IN SERIES features new works by Jennie Allen, Janet Benjamin, Kira Del Mar, Gwenan Evans, Stephen Kladder, Rosemary Mc Dermott, Kristine Moss, Sandi Potter, Laureen Sabella, Eliza Sachs, Dorothy Santos & Sandra Speidel

Reception for the Artists:  Thursday, April 21, 2011, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

UC Berkeley Extension, 95 Third Street, (at Mission) San Francisco, CA

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