Bollywood, Hollywood or Home Theater

Motion picture theaters of the past allowed viewers to be taken to another world not only on screen, a journey to another place began from the moment you walked through the doors of themed movie palaces. Throughout the United States theaters with names such as the Chinese, Alhambra, Egyptian, Rialto, Bombay or Palace transported you to opulence, luxury & escape while viewing   movies.

INSTUDIO conceptualized a home theater that reflected the abundance of the grand theaters of the past.  A composite of interior architectural details included several layers of moldings, pointed arches and concealed lighting. Floors were covered in Axminster carpet just like an old movie palace. Color palettes were developed from the hues found in the carpet. Damasks floral and traditional motifs added to the richness of the home theater.

The Interior Design Directors of INSTUDIO can bring Hollywood or Bollywood home with their artistic approach to interior design.

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