Develop a Natural Color Palette from Granite

The natural beauty, color & durability makes granite a popular choice for counter tops in kitchens & baths. The wide range of colors seen in natural stone can be the foundation for developing a color palette for a room.

When selecting stone colors for an existing kitchen or bath take home samples to coordinate your stone choices with items that will remain in the room. Make sure that the veining, movement or pattern found in the natural stone works well with the surrounding features of the room.

Start color coordination with a checklist from the ground up.  Look at granite samples next to existing flooring materials, built-in cabinets that will remain unchanged, appliances or fixtures, existing tile, hardware & lighting. When developing a color palette for a new home or remodel coordinate the granite color with all finishes as a complete composition prior to construction.

Paint, wall coverings, window treatments, textiles, furniture & accessories complete a color palette that make a room look effortless but was actually well thought out & planned.

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