Go Big or Go Home! Or…Go Big at Home!

People with larger than life personalities often have larger than life personal style. Beige clothes, beige rooms, beige cars & quiet statements just don’t suit them at all.  These people are usually in the know about style, art, design & international culture because their interest is piqued by a wide range of subjects.

We often see extreme avant-garde personalities represented in old movies & wonder if people like that really exist. These people bring color to the lives they touch and we are enhanced by their friendship. Although the movie characters are an extreme example, if we scratch the surface we may find a few bold pioneers within our group of friends.

Sometimes matching interior design and decoration to those with big personal style can be difficult. They often have vast collections of interesting items for the home that are so varied that you would never think that someone could make them come together for a cohesive look.

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors are both artists and interior designers who are up to the challenge of making bigger better by design. With the use of proportion, balance & rhythm, big style seems naturally quite at home. From world class art collections to otherworldly artists INSTUDIO can develop design for homes with big style.

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