Ingo Maurer Lighting, Sculptural Works of Art

Lighting by Ingo Maurer is experienced as art that provides illumination.  He was always among the first to experiment with new lighting technologies that included cable & halogen, now with light-emitting diodes. His work can be described as artistic, sculptural, humorous, imaginative, futuristic, global & magical.  By encouraging you to see light in a different way, lighting by Ingo Maurer is as memorable for its art before its function.

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors were faced with replacing a light fixture for a contemporary dining room that a demolition crew accidently threw away during a remodel. The Design Directors remembered seeing an elegant simple light fixture that could be used in place of a chandelier. The impressionable light fixture was by Ingo Maurer, Germany’s rock star of lighting.

The Floatation by Ingo Maurer has three handmade casually wrinkled shades, of Japanese paper suspended on thin metal cables. The entire fixture is height adjustable with a red lead ring, which serves as a counterweight. The striking timeless classic paper light fixture has a sculptural quality that looks as if it might float in the air like a kite. Although the fixture can be easily used in both contemporary & modern settings it has an Asian simplicity that will blend into any style of design & décor. The flotation is a thoughtful work of art that just happens to provide illumination.

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