It’s Your Design

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO encourage you to remember to use your own style to develop your interior spaces and to carefully consider how you and yours want to use the space.  We all get “advice” from friends and family when engaged in a design project.  Sometimes, lots of advice that varies from person to person can result in you doubting your original vision.  Don’t!

Stick with your vision…it will be the one that is best for you and your interior space.  The “advisers”, while well intentioned, seldom have seen the entire design concept nor will they have been privy to your full vision.  The objective is for the entire design to come together.  There are many ways to solve a design problem or a space planning issue, select the solution that is best for you.  If you start following the advice of the “advisers”, you will likely get an over all design that is disjointed and does not come together.

Most importantly, don’t base your design decisions on what you think other people may think of the final project.  The space is yours and should match your needs and personal style.

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