Only the Shadow Knows

The first thing we perceive about a room is usually its size.  Architecture speaks the language of volume, form and line. The eye sees definition and boundary, but the mind senses space. One way to embellish a space is through color.  When choosing a paint color, the direction of the sun can play a significant role.  Understanding the light and shadow of the interior architecture is essential to the success of how a room comes together with color.

Selecting paint colors can be a daunting task because color elicits  an emotional response.  Often, the inclination is to shy away from color and to choose the tint of a color, which means adding white to the original hue.  However, being cautious can result in a color that has potential to disappear or fall flat.

The natural light outside, and the interior lighting inside, also affects a hue’s own temperature because the properties of a color can be either warm or cool.  For a paint color to be effective, it is important to view the challenge as a creative opportunity to explore a color’s depth.  Knowing how all of these relationships come together is what is essential to enhancing the interior of a room through color.

The Design Directors of INSTUDIO are intuitive about color and have the experience in knowing how the three dimensions of a room are affected by light and shadow. Being artists and interior designers, their approach delivers unexpected solutions that beautify a space through the creative use of color.

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