Seeing Vintage Desk Lamps in a New Light

Big desks & the lamps used to illuminate large work surfaces are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Small computers or laptops allow for smaller work surfaces both at home & the office.

As work spaces have become less defined, old fashioned desk lamps from the 1940’s to the 1960’s begin to look like interesting works of art. The unadorned simple shapes finished in neutral colors give old desk lamps a contemporary look. To find these gems start in your grandparents or parents garage (or office). Estate sales, garage sales, vintage & thrift stores are all great sources for cool metal desk lamps.

Protected in work spaces the wiring & finish on vintage desk lamps are usually found in good condition. If a shot of contemporary color is needed to enliven décor the metal finish is easily changed with a quick coat of spray paint.

Don’t limit these interesting small lamps to office or work space. Depending on your style vintage desk lamps cam be used in living rooms, family rooms, craft rooms, art studios or bedrooms. Any place where directed light is required these vintage lamps can shed light on the task at hand.

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