Take “A” Letter Antoinette

The set design of “Mary’s” apartment included the letter “M” as decorative art on Mary Tyler Moore television show of the 1970’s. INSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis remembers seeing the graphic statement. The use of letterforms as art in design & decoration was etched in his mind for decades.

Even letterforms that are out of context are beautiful because of their unusual shapes. Pointed, rounded, angled and curved shapes are produced by signage makers as art forms in their own right. Decoration can be enhanced by three dimensional individual letters from custom signage to simple graphic black letters on clear plastic used as old fashioned theater marquees or numbers from gas stations. Traditional or contemporary design & décor can be complimented with letter forms.

Signage letters that have personal meaning are found at almost any home décor source. Design shops, flea markets, vintage shops, discount chains like “Homegoods” & internet sources all have a letter or number waiting for your walls.

The Letter “A” was found at Big Daddy’s Antiques   sfinfo@bdantiques.com

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