The Master Study

Artists will frequently study a great master by reproducing a master work themselves, thereby learning how the artist used composition, color, brush work, perspective, proportion, balance and interest to create their masterpiece.  Many of the same tools show up in a well designed interior space:  color, proportion, balance, interest and the overall “feel” (composition) of the interior space.  INSTUDIO Design Director and Artist Stephen Kladder recently completed a master study of one of Vincent Van Gogh’s self portraits focusing on the unusual color combinations used by Van Gogh as well as light, shadow and brush stroke.  Studying the masters is a great aid in developing an artist’s own voice.

Likewise, interior designers study other interior designers to learn how they solved the specific problems of a particular space, such as issues with existing architecture; the absence of, or too much, light; or a challenge to how people are able to move through the space.  Further, designers learn valuable “tricks” of the trade from other designers.  For instance, Design Director Stephen Kladder looks to one of today’s great Interior Designers, John Salidino, for inspiration and ideas for best utilizing the focal point of an interior space.  Every space has one whether you realize it or not.

The focal point of a space may be an element of the architecture itself, for instance a fire place or a window.  However, more subtle is the focal point created by how one moves through the space:  what the eye naturally is drawn to when entering an interior space.  This may be the far wall in a long narrow room, for example.  INSTUDIO Design Directors may use a striking piece of art or an eye catching piece of furniture or simply a rich wall color where your eye will naturally go.

The negative to this technique is also a valuable tool used by INSTUDIO Design Directors:  de-emphasizing the naturally occurring focal point that stands out and disrupts the natural rhythm and balance of the design plan for the space.

For help enhancing your interior spaces with a strong focal point or addressing an element of a space that you wish would just go away, contact the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.

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