Beauty is Where You Find It, A lesson in Observation

Taking a moment to observe & appreciate what we see every day will train your eye to see beauty in everything. Even trash on the street becomes a visual composition of color, texture, light & shadow. Designers are observers, when designers travel locally or internationally they observe different shapes, colors, scale, combinations, patterns, materials, finishes & light. A new design sensibility is developed through observation.

Learning to look is the foundation to drawing for art students. Learning to look can also be the foundation to developing a color palette or personal style for interior Design Direction. Color palettes that catch your eye can be developed into a color scheme. Observe the objects that you are drawn to; when you begin to see a pattern you are developing your style. Objects can reflect the home furnishings that will fit your style.

INSTUDIO interior design directors see the beauty in the everyday things that surround our lives. When you look at the sky and want your room to capture it there are artistic interior design solutions that will give you the sky.

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