Comfortable living is no accident, it starts with a Plan

To get the best use of space from your home the INSTUDIO Interior Design Directors practice their mantra “It starts with a Plan”.  A good furniture/space plan allows you to get the most from where you live. The experts of space utilization use creative solutions to solve the problem of what makes home your home by asking questions about what you do and how you want to use your rooms.

San Francisco homeowners who had recently completed a major remodel had this to say on YELP about the benefits of developing furniture plans to get the best use of their new rooms.

“We have a typically awkward San Francisco-bay window-split living room plus a remodeled kitchen/living area that was all disjointed and not coming together as a coherent home. We are design savvy, but could not conceptualize how to best use our tricky space. The additional space we gained from our kitchen remodel made our original living room somewhat obsolete and clumsy. Our home is not big enough to have unused real estate!

Stephen and Samuel from INSTUDIO came in with a fresh and ingenious perspective and drew up many options for using our space more wisely and more beautifully. They understood that we wanted to choose our own things (keep some of our furniture and buy some new stuff). Plus, they completely understood how our two young boys need to use (and potentially destroy) our home. We chose a combination of their ideas and have completely transformed our space.

They are creative, clear, flexible, and easy and fun to work with.”

Make your rooms come together, “It starts with a plan”