Developing Design with Timeless Textiles

The artistic eye moves around a room taking in color, proportion, balance & rhythm. Large things are seen first then we notice details that enhance the overall space. When selecting a color palette develop it with nuance by using a wide variety of textiles including different patterns that are geometric, organic or historic to delight the eye.

INSTUDIO interior Design Directors like the woven fabric “Gigi” by Soliloquy Textiles for its elegant simplicity, visual movement and sophisticated color palette. The small graphic pattern possesses a timeless quality that is beyond any period or style. The colors although subtle, highlight the pattern in a refined way that lends itself to suitably fit into any style of décor.

Used in a traditional interior this textile references the geometric “Greek key” pattern traditionally found in the frieze of classical architectural structures.

Modernist or contemporary design styles would be enhanced by the clean simple shapes and muted color combinations. A garden room would benefit from the angular pattern that could be interpreted as a trellis or vine.

Ruth Meijer of Soliloquy Textiles designs fabrics that are informed by her multi-faceted background in art history, interior design & weaving. Experience global, vintage & modern sensibilities interpreted as textiles by visiting

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