Streetwise Furniture Finds

In any urban city interesting unwanted furniture can be found on the street waiting for a new place to live. The conditions of the furniture can vary; some pieces are ready to use after a good cleaning and an application of furniture polish, oil or wax.  High quality furniture that was abused, broken or scratched can be as good as new after the “three R’ s”  Repair, Refinishing & Re-upholstery.

When taking home furniture from the street don’t just act on impulse. Be as selective as if you were buying furnishings from a store to complete a room. Check for overall stability, look for brand labels, look at the size and make sure the style matches your own. Decide on the spot what disrepair you are willing to live with. After the piece becomes a part of your home the quirks make an interesting story of renewal.

If you are artistically inclined, like craft or refinishing projects or need a project for upholstery class, homeless furniture is a prime candidate for a project. Start the project soon, there is nothing sadder than a worn piece of furniture sitting in a corner unused or added to unfinished projects in a garage. Use your imagination, envision a wood piece painted an interesting color, a painted piece stripped or with a special application of decoupage to make it your own.

Use caution when rescuing upholstered pieces; fabrics and fill can be unsanitary or contain mold if left on the street over a long period of time. Wiggle the arms, back and legs to check the frame. Take a good look at the condition of the exposed wood finish. Look at the shape/style of a chair or sofa; if it is a piece that you can’t live without take it home. For sofas or chairs plan on full upholstery job which can be expensive. Purchasing fabric, fill and labor can cost as much as a new sofa or chair. Make sure that the piece is special enough to deserve the attention and expense. INSTUDIO interior Design Director Samuel Fleming Lewis rescued a Saarinen dining chair by Knoll from the street that was completely renewed and is in use almost every day.

Streetwise furniture selection keeps good furniture out of landfills in into homes.

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