Tactile Texture

Adding texture to your design can bring an unexpected look and feel to your design project.  There are now several tile choices that can bring beautiful texture into your rooms.  Tiles with broad strokes of concave and convex texture that can be arranged to provide pleasing patterns of texture for back splashes in kitchens and laundry rooms.

Walk-in showers for luxury bathrooms can be brought back to nature with pebbles embedded in the tile.  Not only for a pleasing natural look, but a pleasing natural, tactile feel.  The soft, polished stones invigorate the soles of your feet creating a sensation of an outdoor shower in the comfort of your home.  The color selections are broad, from soft sand colors to strong grays.  Add an elongated, vertical, etched glass window for privacy and extra light to finish the “au natural” sensation for your morning shower.

Texture tile adds an extra visual dimension to the eye and a tactile experience to the touch.

For help in bringing nature into your bathrooms with tactile texture, contact the Design Directors of INSTUDIO.

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