Wherever you live Craigslist can become your local personalized furniture store.

To personalize your “furniture store” select furniture “by owner” and use keywords for the specific item that you are looking for including brands, manufacturers, styles, names, types and descriptive words. The keywords become the aisles of your store by limiting your search to viewing only the things that you want to see. The keywords, Modern, Retro, Vintage, Mid Century, Knoll, Heywood, Sofa, Lamp, Eames, Herman Miller, Contemporary Classic, and Corbusier were used in various combinations to find the furniture images for this article.

People make furniture available online for several reasons. Some are avid collectors without a shop who restore vintage furniture and know the history of what they are selling. There are also custom furniture makers who use craigslist as an online store. People who are in transition often sell furniture that they love. Personal design style can change or a new piece that was purchased just doesn’t work in a room. Inherited, gift furniture and design mistakes are often found on craigslist at reasonable prices.

If you are developing the design of a room and know exactly what you want, do a weekly craigslist search using your keywords. Unique pieces to complete any room can be found to match your personal style.  The Design Directors of INSTUDIO have used craigslist as an alternate local source to buy great affordable furniture for both themselves and for clients.

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